Metroid Samus Return New 3DS custom faceplate

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Beautiful Metroid Samus Return New 3DS custom faceplate featuring Samus from the remake of Metroid 2 on New3DS. If your a Metroïd 2 fan, these will be a great addition to your collection !

What do you buy ?
× A UV printed Metroïd 2 New3DS cover plate set. The set includes 2 pieces : 1 top and 1 bottom part with cross screws.
× Ready to go on your New 3DS: easy to clip, no need to waste your time and one of your own cover to put a skin on it.

► These high quality UV printed cover plates are durable with bright colours and a satin finish. You can use any flexible transparent protective console protection for New 3DS on top of it like the Hori TPU Duraflexi.
► The various icons for the several ports of the New 3DS are visible and well-placed in front of each of them.
► Note these are after-market cover plates so they might be a bit tighter fit than original ones and that due to technical constraints, the image is only on the top of the covers and won't go to the bottom sides. (see last pic)
Free tracked worldwide shipping included!
► Little freebie sticker included as thank you for your order ! :)