Game Boy Boo

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This clean white custom Game Boy Boo is perfect for any spooky things lover !

Mischievous Boo's unite to haunt this thoroughly cleaned and modded Game Boy. Beware, they appear everywhere ! :) Unique limited custom console, make it yours while it hasn't disappeared yet !

× Geekhime original custom console made with love and cute Boo's <3
× Custom Serial Number (original number preserved) and Back sticker
× Japanese motherboard
× FunnyPlaying IPS High Quality LCD screen with 36 background colors to choose from, scanline mode on/off & adjustable brightness
× FunnyPlaying headspeaker
× White shell
× White glass screen protector
× White A, B, Select and Start buttons

► Plays Game Boy games and some specific backwards compatible Game Boy Color games as seen in this list.
► Game cartridge or batteries not included. Think of the environment, use rechargeable batteries <3